As the world marks World Malaria Day 2023, today, with the theme: “Time to deliver zero malaria: Invest, innovate, implement”, stakeholders have rallied the government and health parties to renew the vigour and finance towards ending the scourge.
According to WHO Fact Sheet on Malaria, the disease is transmitted throughout Nigeria, with 97 per cent of the population at risk of the mosquito-borne ailment.

Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Services, Federal Medical Centre, Asaba, Delta State, Dr Kingsley Chiedu Amibor, stated that the average amount charged per patient for treating uncomplicated malaria in private hospitals is N3,941. He added that the average amount spent on antimalarial drugs is about N2,443, while N1,064 is spent on laboratory investigation, and N406 for medical consultation.

Malaria reduces productivity, increases healthcare costs, and affects tourism and foreign investment. According to the WHO, the economic burden of malaria in Nigeria is estimated to be $1.1 billion per year.

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