Sani expressed his concern on Tuesday in a post via his Twitter handle.

Doguwa was caught on video issuing a threat to his constituents to either vote for the All Progressives Congress, APC, on election day or be dealt with.

According to the report, Doguwa, who spoke mainly in Hausa and also used abusive language to threaten prospective voters, said:

“To God who made me, on election day, you must vote for APC, or we deal with you.

“I’m saying it again: on election day, you either vote for APC, or we deal with you.

“Repeat after me, in Doguwa, you either vote for APC or we deal with you,” he said amidst a chorus of applause from the audience.”

Senator Sani has taken to his verified Twitter handle to express his concern.

He wrote: “The threat to deal with anyone who refuses to vote for the ruling APC in Kano is unfortunate and a serious threat to peaceful elections. I advise the ranking Honorable member involved, who is still a lawmaker for over two decades to withdraw this statement.”

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