United Nations health agency has declared an end to a nearly four-month epidemic of Marburg virus in Equatorial Guinea, saying the disease, a cousin of Ebola, had caused 35 confirmed or suspected deaths. A press release signed by the World Health Organization, declared an end to the outbreak of Marburg Virus Disease in Equatorial Guinea today with no new cases reported over the past 42 days after the last patient was discharged from treatment. The statement paid tribute to local health workers and support from partner organizations for the hard work in tackling the outbreak, much of which entails tracing and isolating people in contact with patients. The epidemic in Equatorial Guinea coincided with an outbreak of Marburg on the other side of the continent, in Tanzania. Six people died in a two-month episode, which was formally declared over on June 2. The first outbreak of Marburg in Africa was recorded in South Africa in 1975.

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