The Acting National Youth Leader of the Labour Party (LP), Prince Kennedy Ahanotu, has urged Obidients to use the chance of the upcoming elections on Saturday to demonstrate that they truly voted for Peter Obi to win the presidential election.

Ahanotu particularly asked the Obidients to vote for candidates in states such as Lagos, Edo, Plateau, Benue, Taraba, Rivers, Abia and Anambra in the coming gubernatorial and State Assembly elections.

Contrary to claims, the LP is not in an alliance with any party in any state, according to the Youth Leader, who spoke at a news conference on Thursday at the Party’s secretariat in Abuja.

He branded those candidates who are reportedly stepping down for candidates in other parties as political marketers who largely obtained the party tickets on a platter, adding that the 2023 election will change such a trend.

The Youth Leader assured that the party would support every one of its candidates during the election.

He said: “Truth be told, you voted for Labour Party and Peter Obi won that election reason. That is why we are challenging such rascality in court.
Thank you for the patience and high level of maturity with which we have far managed ourselves after the wrongful declaration of the election results. Ordinarily, they expected that we will jump to the streets so they can take advantage to damage our evidence and cause social unrest, but we truly beat them to that game.

“Ours is to remain resolute, determined and focused towards reclaiming our stolen mandate which by God’s grace, we must surely achieve. We never expected the journey to be smooth or free from challenges but we are ready to face the storms however lengthy and torturous to regain freedom and true democracy.

“On a specific note, we have an election on Saturday 2023. The Governorship and state Houses of Assembly across the country. These elections have given us another opportunity to identify true obedients.

“It is important to note that the Labour Party Stands by all its Candidates in this election. But of more Significance is that our protest against the electoral fraud on 25th Feb. 2023 begins on Saturday 18th March at all the polling units across the country. In the last election, they said we are four persons tweeting in a room, but to their shock, we took over the space and despite all the fraud they allocated over 6 million votes to us even when they claim that Obidients are more than 15 million people having PVCs to vote.

“We must protest by Coming out en masse to cast our notes for the Labour Party Governorship candidates and Houses of Assembly Candidates. This simple assignment is the first step in telling the world that Labor Party won the election.

“Let’s show the opposition that we are resolute in the project of taking back our country. We must capture Lagos, Edo, Plateau, Benue, Taraba, Rivers, Abia, Anambra, in fact, all the South-South South/southeast states. This we must do to prove that we are reversibly obedient. We must stand to challenge the status quo and I beg all the youths, security officials and some INEC officials who are opting to be a ready tool in the hands of the old-order politicians to think twice. Do not join in oppressing and intimidating our Youths. The life and future of Nigerian Youths matter. Enough is enough.

“In Conclusion, I urge my fellow Obidients to desist from selfish desires and focus on making political Statements on Election Day.”

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