The Southeast spokesman of the Bola Tinubu Presidential Campaign Council, Dr. Josef Onoh has faulted the Kano state commissioner for Information, Mr. Mohammad Garba for inciting the Nigeria political space against the southeast region while pretending to be on a campaign for the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate.

Garba in Kano said that one local government area could give Tinubu the total number of votes the whole state in the southeast will give the presidential candidate.

But Onoh reacting to Garba, described him as one of the uninformed opportunists that have been wrongly placed in a strategic corridor, adding that Garba’s statement was as infantile as it was opprobrious, and exposed his limited knowledge of the political complexity of Nigeria.

Onoh said that Tinubu was for the whole of Nigeria and has no preferred section or part of the country which he said was one of the traits going for the Asiwaju in his presidential bid and which has endeared him before the majority of Nigerians, both in the north and southern Nigeria.

The campaign spokesman said that Garba has disrespected the entire southeast region with his arrogant statement and reminded Garba that the southeast was critical to Nigeria’s independence, economy and greatness; hence deserves all the respect from all Nigerians, particularly the uniformed persons such as Garba.

“I think that Garba should concentrate on being the commissioner for Information in Kano state than cause political incitement. The MKO Abiola he referred to did not cause this sort of incitement and had a lot of friends in the southeast, unlike Garba. Southeast persons were prominent in the fight for Nigeria’s stability, which a tenderfoot such as Garba failed to learn in his school.

“Garba is not more Asiwaju than me, and the APC presidential campaign council does not take any region for granted because we are not playing tribal politics. Really, I find it disgusting and disappointing for a sensitive position holder as commissioner for information to have made such an appalling statement. Collectively, we will deliver Asiwaju, but Garba should desist from roadside tea makers’ politics because we’re in a politics of national unity.

“Asiwaju has made more progress in the southeast than in any other region, but Garba’s comment has undermined the inroad Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has been able to achieve in the southeast. I urge the likes of Garba to please guard their comments because such comments polarize than unite Nigeria, and such divisiveness is not in Tinubu’s brand of nationalism, Onoh replied Garba”.

He stated that no other presidential candidate has taken the southeast seriously as Tinubu, making him the first to stage a presidential campaign in the zone, which he said was an indication of high respect and support from the zone.

“I want to assure Garba that Asiwaju will win in the whole of South East come February 2023. Asiwaju government will be a government of national unity, which will involve all well-meaning Nigerians. Anybody associating with him should emulate him, stand by his vision, and promote the same for the collective interest of our nation, which goes beyond personal interest, ” Onoh said.

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