The immediate past Commissioner for Commerce and Industry in Imo State, Kingsley Ononuju, on Monday, described the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi “as the last opportunity to save Nigeria.”
Ononuju, who is the chairman of the local organizing committee for Obi’s rally in the state on Tuesday, said that Nigerians are “eager” to vote for Obi in February 2023.
Giving updates on Obi’s presidential campaign rally in the state, the ex-chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, disclosed that millions of Nigerians were coming out en mass to receive the LP presidential candidate.
Ononuju said that the presidential campaign council in the state was targeting over two million votes for Obi come February 2023.
He said, “Since emerging an independent country in 1960, Nigeria has been so riddled with excruciating challenges that seem keen to destroy her very foundation, ranging from a badly managed economy that manifests in what some have described as hyperinflation, worthless currency vis-a-vis the exchange rate with other currencies, to epileptic power supply, worst and debilitating network of roads in the world, nepotism, official greed, rampaging corruption, insecurity, the menace of armed herdsmen, kidnapping and more.
“Interestingly, God in His infinite mercy has brought Peter Obi to clean up Nigeria, what seems like the Augean stables cleaned by Hercules in Greek mythology.
“He did it in Anambra State, changed the narrative of bad governance forever by instituting a paradigm shift that facilitated economic development, massive road construction, industrialization, improvement in the educational and health sectors, frugal financial management that culminated in the saving of over N70billion for Anambra State in what mirrors the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Kuwait and Norway.
“Indeed, Peter Obi left a legacy of good governance that has endured to date in Anambra State and which nobody can gainsay.
“According to Dr. Jennifer Varney: ‘Good leaders possess self-awareness, garner credibility, focus on relationship-building, have a bias for action, exhibit humility, empower others, stay authentic, present themselves as constant and consistent, become role models and are fully present.
“The foregoing description aptly captures the real personality of Peter Obi – a man of the people and versed, a gentleman with decorum and impeccable humility, a man of integrity, simple in outlook but strong like a rock in might and spirit. A rare gem of a leader endowed with all the qualities that define a good leader. A billionaire with urbane simplicity – Peter Obi, the next President of Nigeria, come in 2023.
“He is the only former governor, that intentionally, willingly, and honorably refused to impoverish his state with a stupendous and disruptive pension.
“Peter Obi is the former governor without any criminal record and has never been invited by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, for questioning.
“His epic story and fame have spread beyond the shores of Nigeria and his issue-based electioneering campaign is guided by civility, love, and strength.
“Except those that have chosen to wine and dine with the devil, every other person in Nigeria, including the trees, birds in the air, land, and sea, and all creatures in Nigeria are in support of Peter Obi.”

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