A peace-building organisation, International Alert, has advised the president-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to dialogue and negotiate with aggrieved political parties and persons, after the general poll, to douse tension in the country.

Country Director of International Alert, Paul Nyulaku, made the appeal at the launch of a National Stability Dialogue Initiative, yesterday, in Abuja, entitled: ‘Promoting Post-election Stability, Justice and Gender Inclusion’.

The event had in attendance representatives of the National Orientation Agency, Office for Strategic Preparedness and Resilience and National Early Warning Centre.

“Polarisation between social groups is a growing challenge in Nigeria. The incoming government must prioritise national reconciliation and seek to build broad support for democratic institutions and non-violent conflict resolution.

“By promoting locally owned, women-led advocacy work, we hope the National Stability Dialogue project can help Nigeria along the path to a peaceful and prosperous future,” the country director said.

Chairman on the occasion and former chief of defence staff, Martin Luther-Agwai, said for effective dialogue, parties involved must ensure they speak in a non-partisan manner.

Agwai added that women should be invited to dialogue because they also bear the brunt of conflicts.
“One thing that really fascinated me today is the issue of dialogue. It is not a negotiation. It is a dialogue. I think that is what we really need in our country today. We need to dialogue with one another.

“We need to talk in a non-partisan way and we need to talk in the neutrality of what is happening, see it as it is and say it as it is.

“I thank the International Alert for making this alert that we come to discuss. I am happy with what has been said. Because it is only when we identify what is wrong that we can ratify it.

“In the end, I think what we will get is trust. And when there is dialogue there will be trust, and when there is trust there will be progress and development.

“What I have found that will bring peace in the little experience I have while serving as deputy force commander in Sierra Leone and serving as force commander in Dafoe having to be the first IPO in the world in this issue of dialogue is the gender issue.

“We have neglected our mothers for too long. They are the ones that carry us for nine months before we come to the world.

“We have to bring them to the table. And I am glad International Alert is doing so so that we can collectively clap with our two hands which means that our fathers, our mothers are together,” he said.

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