The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, has said that he developed an intimate relationship with National Assembly members during his vice-presidential days which enabled them to stop the third term agenda of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

The PDP presidential candidate made the remarks at the 2023 Presidential Campaign Organisation strategic engagement meeting with National Assembly candidates on Sunday night in Abuja.

He stated, “During my tenure as vice president I developed a very intimate relationship with members of the National Assembly and it is that relationship that enabled us to stop President Obasanjo’s third term presidency attempt.

“I really look forward to re-engaging you as you return to the National Assembly for your functions from the constitution to further deepen democracy development and progress of our nation.”

Lamenting the current security and economic predicament of the country, the former vice-president noted, “Our nation has found itself in one of the most challenging times in the history of this country. You know that we are more divided than ever because of the activities and policies of the current APC government. Saying likewise our security situation has gone from bad to worse, our economy is in shambles.”

“If you are elected and I am elected you are not going to work with somebody unknown, somebody who doesn’t have the experience. Like what we have currently today, we have a president that doesn’t even understand what the National Assembly stands for. Facing an incumbent president and still ensuring he protects the constitution.”

The meeting, which went into a closed-door session, further resolved their covenant with Nigerians to reduce the cost of government through improving citizen oversight and a strong emphasis on curbing waste and cost reduction.

They also resolved to reduce multidimensional poverty by 40% over the next four years and put food on the tables of Nigerians again.

“We commit to the reduction of the cost of government through improving citizen oversight and a strong emphasis on curbing waste and cost reduction

“We commit to reducing multidimensional poverty by 40% over the next 4 years and putting food on the tables of Nigerians again.”

They further committed to reducing unsustainable national debts.

Continuing, they resolved “to more significant investment in education and infrastructure by incrementally increasing budgetary allocation starting from the next budget

“We commit to quick passage of bills that devolve more powers to subnational governments

“We commit to securing Nigerians through robust conflict resolution mechanisms and improved welfare and funding of security agencies.”

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