Tobi Amusan

Amusan is one of the 10 women nominated for the yearly award and 25% of the votes that she will require to win will come from fans worldwide.

A three-way voting process will determine the finalists.

The World Athletics Council and the World Athletics Family will cast their votes by email, while fans can vote online via the World Athletics social media platforms.

Individual graphics for each nominee are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube; a ‘like’ on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube or a retweet on Twitter will count as one vote.

To vote for Tobi Amusan, like her nomination on FACEBOOK – INSTAGRAM – YOUTUBE. Retweet her nomination on TWITTER.

The World Athletics Council’s vote will count for 50% of the result, while the World Athletics Family’s votes and the public votes will each count for 25% of the final result.

Voting for the World Athletes of the Year closes at midnight on Monday 31 October. At the conclusion of the voting process, five women and five men finalists will be announced by World Athletics.

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