The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and Nigeria National Christian Coalition (NNCC) have warned politicians and candidates for elective positions not to contest if they were unwilling to be accountable to the public in their leadership. It urged its members to take charge of politics through active participation in the process of electing leaders of the country. Speaking at an inter-denominational gathering of Christians in Lagos, Chairman of CAN, Lagos State chapter, Stephen Adegbite said political leadership would no longer be game as usual because the church would go all out to ensure that elected leaders were responsible and held accountable to citizens, particularly Christians who had been sidelined for too long. The religious-political summit tagged: “Meet the Church” organized by the NNCC was attended by religious leaders from several Christian denominations, government officials, politicians from diverse political affiliations, and well-meaning Nigerians who converged to deliberate on ways to move the country forward. Adegbite said the dynamics of politics in the country had changed, and Christians were beginning to wake up to their political responsibilities. He said Nigeria would be better if everyone was involved in the process of formulation of governments and its policies.“Whoever we elect into government, be it at national or sub-national levels, must be responsible and worthy of such positions. We are going to come after our leaders this time. We won’t just elect you and leave you, we shall ensure that you must deliver. Mark my words, If you know that you are not going to deliver and be held accountable, I beg you to not go near power. We are going to ask you questions and you must answer us. The suffering of Nigerians is enough.”The keynote speaker, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, while decrying the poor state of the country, said Nigeria was burning but its leaders seemed to be preoccupied with frivolous concerns.CAN chairman for Kaduna State, Joseph Hayab, charged Christians to build a strong political base by joining political parties at ward levels in order to be part of critical debates and decisions as the government is a powerful tool that could make or mar a nation. Referring to a bible quotation that directs Christians to submit to authority, Hayab noted that it was wrong if they abandoned politics with the impression of it being a dirty game.

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