According to court documents filed on Saturday night in the United States, the cryptocurrency exchange FTX owes creditors $3.1 billion following its bankruptcy. insight media recalls that the Bahamas-based cryptocurrency company run by 30-year-old Sam Bankman-Fried filed for bankruptcy following its collapse earlier this month. The company saw its value soar to a peak of $32 billion in January. Creditors’ names were not listed on the court filing, but the largest is owed $226,280,579.As part of its bankruptcy proceedings, FTX was required to list to the court its 50 largest creditors — either individuals or corporations — who are owed money. The second largest entity is owed $203,292,504, the court filing shows. Bankman-Fried drew the scrutiny of investigators from state and federal agencies, as well as the Justice Department, for how his company collapsed and the money under his control that went missing. Congress has also asked him to testify in December. in 2001, Houston-based energy corporation Enron filed the most prominent bankruptcy claim in U.S. history, and many of its executives were sent to prison for securities fraud. Ray said FTX corporate funds were used to purchase executives’ and advisers’ houses in the Bahamas. (ABC News)

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