Northern Elders Forum has advised President Bola Tinubu to remove various sanctions imposed on the Niger Republic with a view to creating ways to negotiate with the military junta

Reacting to the development, NEF Director of Publicity and Advocacy, Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, said the removal of sanctions on the country will make negotiations easier to conduct, adding that the Economic Community of West African States should actively re-assess the roles and designs of non-African interests in the West African region

According to him, the sanctions imposed will negatively affect the morale and welfare of citizens of both countries and will detract from the existing positive disposition towards Nigeria’s position.

He said by removing various sanctions, it would make negotiations led by Nigeria, using all assets that both countries value, easier to conduct, adding that the forum noted the apology offered by the military leaders in Niger to the President over the manner in which his envoys, the Sultan of Sokoto Abdusalami Abubakar were received.

He commended all leaders and persons of influence, including the Nigerian Senate, who are contributing to a genuine resolution of the situation in the Niger Republic, while urging President Tinubu to recognise this unique moment in history and conduct himself in such a manner that it records his role as defining statesmanship.

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