The All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in Enugu State has said it did not collapse its structure for any party in the state in respect of the March 18 governorship and House of Assembly elections.

The party disclosed this on Friday in a statement by its State Chairman, Ndubuisi EnechiOnyia.

The party chairman said the news that APGA collapsed its structure in Enugu was a case of “mercantile political jobbers“ and said it was “laughable”.

He described the affected members of the party as political jobbers whose mercantile nature found no place in the party’s pursuit of good governance.

EnechiOnyia went on to express his gratitude for the thousands of foot soldiers who had formed an active support system to ensure the success of the party at the state elections.

“The political landscape in the country has since given more credence to a structure of people committed to values and principles.

“We have had many joining our movement in the past one year and we are not fazed by merchants who see politics as a business for pecuniary interests.

“This is the season where mercantile politicians reveal their true colours, so it is not surprising,” he said.

“If there will be a party that people would collapse their structure for, it would be APGA because its governorship candidate in Enugu, Frank Nweke Jnr is the candidate to beat in this election”.

According to him, the party fielded the best, the most competent and is confident in the way the people of Enugu have embraced his candidacy.

“This is about the people, not a few politicians,” EnechiOnyia added

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