The Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, has said all the allegations against President-elect Bola Tinubu have been unproven or not backed with evidence.

Fashola disclosed this when he appeared on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics.

The minister explained how the controversies trailing Tinubu will play a positive role in revamping Nigeria as the leader.

Fashola said there is no “sainthood” in governance and that the focus should be on performance and efficiency.
“I think those issues have been ventilated sufficiently,” he said.

“When Nigerians have decided, those issues don’t matter. That is what they have said by these votes.

“Every time, it gets more difficult, that is his path to success. There is no easy day for him. The more difficult it gets, you can be sure, it is Asiwaju.

“I think now that all of these hurdles have been surmounted. Maybe there is a divine purpose. Maybe perhaps, this is where Nigeria begins to turn in the most positive ways forever.

“Governance is not about sainthood. It is about efficiency, performance, and delivery.

“You must understand that we should not be looking for saints. All of the allegations that were levelled against him have been either unproven or no evidence offered in support of them but they have run along for a while.”

Fashola succeeded Tinubu as governor of Lagos State in 2007.

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